To activate Github OAuth, you first need to create a Github OAuth App. Create the OAuth App on Github and configure the Client ID and Client Secret generated within Furo Console for your project.

When adding GitHub OAuth, the email of a user who logs in via GitHub is set to the public email registered on the user’s GitHub account (or the primary email if there is no public email).

If a user changes their registered email on GitHub and then logs in via GitHub, they will be registered as a new user.

1. Register Github OAuth App

Access Github and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.


After clicking the icon, select Settings from the sidebar that appears.


In Settings, click on the Developer Settings tab in the lower-left.


Select the OAuth Apps tab, then click New OAuth App.


Fill in Application name, Homepage URL, and Authorization callback URL, then click the Register application button.

Application nameProject name
Homepage URLProject URL
Authorization callback URLURL to redirect after Github login, should be<FURO_PROJECT_CLIENT_ID>

On the created app page, click the Generate a new client secret button.


Save the generated Client ID and Client Secret for later use.


2. Enabling Github Login in Furo Project

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Github OAuth App.

Navigate to Furo Console, go to Login Methods section in Configuration Tab. Click the setting button next to Github Login, and paste the copied Client ID and Client Secret.

github github

Click save, and make sure to activate the Github Login by toggling the switch.


3. Checking your login page

Click on “Your Login Page” in the top left corner of Furo Console to confirm that Github Login is activated.


4. Customize the Github Login Button

If you wish to customize the Github Login button, you can embed the API URL provided by Furo in your custom login button.


By calling a method that redirects to the URL above in the onClick() prop of your custom button, users will be taken to the Github login prompt. Once Microsoft authentication is completed, they will be redirected to the Callback URI configured in your project.