1. Download the Git Repository

Download the Furo Vue Sample project.

git clone https://github.com/lukasjhan/furo-sample-vue

Next, install the npm packages.

cd furo-sample-vue

yarn install

2. Project Configuration

Go to the [Configuration > For Developers] tab in the Furo Console and perform the following two tasks:

  1. Copy .env value to .env file in project directory. Or, create a .env file and set the environment variables as follows.
  1. Change the Default Callback URI in the console’s input box from the default value https://sample.furo.one/{{YOUR_CLIENT_ID}} to http://localhost:8080/{{YOUR_CLIENT_ID}}.

3. Run the Project

Return to the terminal and enter the following command:

yarn serve

You can test the integrated login functionality provided by Furo by going to http://localhost:8080.