"uid": "68a2a2fd-b8e7-49a8-a4d0-9c468216e3a9",
  "project_id": "4c6551cef3f5bfe41be8332d457cc607",
  "email": "delete@furo.one",
  "profile_url": "",
  "preferred_username": "",
  "thumbnail_url": "",
  "name": {
    "given_name": "",
    "family_name": "",
    "formatted": ""
  "display_name": "",
  "about_me": "",
  "current_location": "",
  "sign_in_methods": {
    "idpw": {
      "enabled": true
  "verified": {
    "email": false
  "wallet": {
    "address": "0xC10e959AB4351fA02079a1740a8683b12483558D",
    "type": "furo"
  "created_at": "2022-11-17T01:56:32.167Z",
  "modified_at": "2022-11-17T01:56:32.167Z",
  "photos": [],
  "urls": [],
  "privacy": {}


uidstringUnique identifier of the user.
project_idstringUnique identifier of the project.
emailstringEmail address of the user.
profile_urlstringURL of the user’s profile page.
preferred_usernamestringPreferred username of the user.
thumbnail_urlstringURL of the user’s thumbnail image.
nameobjectName of the user.
name.given_namestringGiven name of the user.
name.family_namestringFamily name of the user.
name.formattedstringFormatted name of the user.
display_namestringDisplay name of the user.
about_mestringAbout me of the user.
current_locationstringCurrent location of the user.
sign_in_methodsobjectSign-in methods of the user.
verifiedobjectVerified information of the user.
verified.emailbooleanWhether the user’s email address is verified.
walletobjectWallet information of the user.
wallet.addressstringWallet address of the user.
wallet.typestringWallet type of the user.
created_atstringTimestamp when the user was created.
modified_atstringTimestamp when the user was last modified.
photosarrayPhotos of the user.
urlsarrayURLs of the user.
privacyobjectPrivacy settings of the user.